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A USB speaker / microphone station with game port PTT

Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station

A USB station with game port PTT The Slim™ speaker/microphone station is a new introduction for LMC Systems.  Just introduced and already on backorder at the time of this writing we at LMC Systems are very pleased with the initial response of a game port, transmit / receive station. The Slim™ speaker/microphone station comes with […]

Keyboard PTT vs. Game port PTT

The shortcomings of keyboard PTT on a multi-function computer For many years LMC Systems, along with other industry leaders, has used keyboard keystrokes as hotkeys for activating PTT (Push to Talk) in many well known VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications. This use continues today for certain computer specific VoIP applications. As computer usage and […]

A case for FTT-200 uses

The practical application of the FTT-200 keyboard command programmable foot pedal. The FTT-200 foot pedal is a unique device. It has three programming modes for sending keyboard keystrokes. The modes are sequential, immediate, and keyboard. An example of the use of sequential mode would be printing a document. A document can be printed by keystroke […]

LMC Systems Partners with AT&T

AT&T has approved LMC Systems as a partner in providing PTT Stations in their eco-system. Our PTT Stations are easy to use and are plug-n-play enhancing AT&T’s communication software.  This collaboration will help dispatch centers be able to better communicate with their remote locations. Visit us at https://kodiakptt.com/partners-and-ecosystem/accessory-vendors.html