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Product Development

Product Design

LMC’s Industrial Designers are committed to helping you to bring the vision of your product to life. 

Product Engineering

LMC’s Engineering staff will work with you to confirm that your finished product will be functional, reliable and affordable to manufacture.

Prototyping (CAD/3D modeling)

LMC can deliver 3D diagrams and prototypes of your product, typically 30-60 days from the date we get started at a very reasonable price.


LMC has decades of experience working with global manufacturing resources. LMC works with customers to improve their manufacturing quality, reduce cost and ensure product availability.

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Find out more about how LMC's expertise in product development from concept to manufacture can fast track your ideas.
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Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-200 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-300 USB Foot Pedal