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Dispatch Consoles are mission critical, enterprise grade components with an emphasis on 100% reliability at all times. We believe the PTT Microphone should be in the caliber. LMC System’s SLIM microphone, as well as our other professional grade products,  are designed and built for reliability, durability and ease of self installation.

Most PTT Software applications use either a keyboard string or gameport technology to initiate the PTT. LMC just needs to know how your software initiates PTT in order to pre=program your product. 

We accept orders from our website and ship internationally within 24-48 hours. For AT&T orders, please contact their LMC Sales team and they will put you in touch with their top distributor.

We have found that LMC’s private label partners generate more money for their dispatch solution because it is viewed as a complete, packaged solution.

Yes. LMC is not a “web store”. LMC has an experienced team who can offer both sales, engineering and technical support.

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Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-200 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-300 USB Foot Pedal