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LMC Systems is a leading provider of innovative dispatch solutions in the business and public safety spaces. Our team brings passion and experience to developing our standard and custom product lines. Whether its a new product design or a legacy technology retrofit, our engineers and designers can chart the course to the system that will meet your needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

LMC solutions are high quality

Our audio products offer professional quality sound that is clear and reliable. LMC foot switches can be used in tandem and used either for Push-To-Talk (PTT) or programmed to execute a keystroke sequence.

LMC solutions are built to last

Our product development team uses high-quality components and and industrial grade enclosures for all of our work. The demands of a police or fire dispatch center requires products that are are robust enough to perform under continual heavy use, while still delivering superior performance.

LMC solutions are easy to integrate

Our plug and play microphone/speaker station and footswitch products are easy to install and use. We develop our solutions to use standard Windows™ drivers and USB 2.0 to interface to your computer systems. Our solutions integrate with a wide variety of PTT software solutions.

Solutions For Public Service and Safety

Police and 911 Dispatch
Law Enforcement
Police and Fire Dispatch
Paramedic team checking equipment in an ambulance
Snow plow

Solutions For Business and Commercial

Colorful modern big semi-trucks and trailers of different makes and models stand in row on flat
Excavator picks up construction waste for loading onto a dump truck
Aerial view of factory with high plant manufacture structure. Global production and manufacturing
Service industry dispatch offices such as taxicabs
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Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-200 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-300 USB Foot Pedal