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A USB speaker / microphone station with game port PTT

A USB station with game port PTT

The Slim™ speaker/microphone station is a new introduction for LMC Systems.  Just introduced and already on backorder at the time of this writing we at LMC Systems are very pleased with the initial response of a game port, transmit / receive station. The Slim™ speaker/microphone station comes with game port PTT (Push to Talk) capabilities and speaker volume control.  Unlike other stations on the market the Slim™ station uses game port commands for PTT rather than keyboard commands. If hotkey PTT commands are performed using the keyboard or a second keyboard accessory, then the keyboard interrupt is busy and no other programs can use a keyboard function during PTT.  By using a game port command this allows the operator to utilize their computer for other functions that use the keyboard. Game port PTT has become a very popular method of PTT because many applications of hardware are now multi-function.  Rare is the computer that is a VoIP specific device. To meet with the changing needs of desk top stations LMC Systems is pleased to introduce this new model of transmit / receive station.
Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station

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