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Slim & Slim Jr USB Microphone/Speaker Stations and the FTT-300 & FTT-100 PTT Foot Pedals

LMC Systems is an innovator and manufacturer of professional-grade peripheral voice equipment. The LMC Systems standard product line is uniquely designed to address the demand for robust and affordable USB microphone/speaker systems and foot pedals for push-to-talk applications.

Our line of USB 2.0 compatible noise cancelling microphones and Push-To-Talk (PTT) foot pedals run on USB power and use native Windows™ drivers, so there is no need for IT approvals for additional software installation. Visit our store to view our product offering.

We also offer custom engineering services including: adapting head and handsets to current technologies and  audio switching within a device or special output drives for a peripheral. Contact us about your project.

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Advantages of LMC Systems


With over 20 years experience in the financial and communications industries, LMC has gained an outstanding reputation and relationship with our customers. Our clients know they can rely on us to get product delivered, on time, and on budget.


At LMC Systems we’re proud to continually bring on-time delivery to our clients’ product needs. Our products are price competitive and are of high quality. We streamline our designs to keep price points as low as we can.

Dependable Technology

Count on us for state-of-the-art technology applied in a wide variety of tasks throughout many industries. The products we make are of heavy duty materials that will endure. Our design philosophy is reliability through simplicity, while pushing a technological edge.

World Wide Service

We regularly supply products for clients spanning the globe.


LMC Systems is a company small enough to be nimble in designing solutions in a short time frame. We have successfully applied quick solutions to meet customers changing needs. New products are in development on a regular basis to meet ever changing needs. We also continue to update current products with new technologies.

Latest News

PJ7 to USB Adapter / Converter Custom Engineering Project

Adapting Legacy Handsets to a USB Environment

Adapting plugged handsets to a USB environment is an ongoing challenge as older technologies are aging-out and USB communications becomes the standard for PTT and audio communications, as well as voice control for software applications.

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Keyboard PTT vs. Game port PTT

The shortcomings of keyboard PTT on a multi-function computer For many years LMC Systems, along with other industry leaders, has used keyboard keystrokes as hotkeys

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Slim USB Microphone/Speaker Station
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-200 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-100 USB Foot Pedal
FTT-300 USB Foot Pedal