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LMC Systems is an innovator of peripheral voice equipment. The LMC Systems standard product line is uniquely designed to address the demand for robust and affordable peripherals.



Shop LMCAdvantages of LMC Systems

Reliability –With over 20 years experience in the financial and communications industries, LMC has gained an outstanding reputation and relationship with our customers. Our clients know they can rely on us to get product delivered, on time, and on budget.

Efficiency – At LMC Systems we’re proud to continually bring on-time delivery to our clients’ product needs. Our products are price competitive and are of high quality. We streamline our designs to keep price points as low as we can.

Dependable Technology – Count on LMC Systems for state-of-the-art technology applied in a wide variety of tasks throughout many industries. The products we make are of heavy duty materials that will endure. Our design philosophy is reliability through simplicity, while pushing a technological edge.

World Wide Service – LMC Systems regularly supplies products for clients spanning the globe.

Flexibility – LMC Systems is a company small enough to be nimble in designing solutions in a short time frame. We have successfully applied quick solutions to meet customers changing needs. New products are in development on a regular basis to meet ever changing needs. We also continue to update current products with new technologies.


Custom Engineering

Custom engineering is a service LMC Systems can provide. These custom products meet the needs of specific use cases where a product is not available or an off the shelf product is not satisfactory. A variety of high-performance companies trust us to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for their unique and challenging situations. Such products are not listed on our web page because they are individualized – not a standard product. If you have need of a product that is not available or if the products available do not quite meet your needs, contact our engineering department at support@lmc-systems.com for feasibility and estimates. Additionally custom products (as well as some off the shelf products) can be company branded on EEPROM and product surface.