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Custom Engineering

Op AmpCustom engineering is a service LMC Systems does provide. Some of these custom products make for a good case study, others are so specific that they defy a category that would contribute to the knowledge base.

Some custom engineering work involves the interoperability of matching legacy equipment with a customer’s upgrade of new technology.  Such examples include headset or handset adaptation.  Other instances include audio switching within a device or special output drives for a peripheral. These are some simple solutions of reinventing existing technology for custom purposes.  More sophisticated projects are not in the scope of this page for elaboration.

Custom products are not listed on our web page because of proprietary reasons or they are individualized to a customer and not a standard product.

Company branding is a big part of the custom engineering umbrella.  LMC Systems can provide both package branding as well as firmware branding where feasible.

To initiate a discussion please email support@lmc-systems.com.