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FTT-200 USB Foot Pedal

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This newly released foot pedal is based on existing proven technology. The user can easily program a simple keystroke or an entire string of keystrokes. Strings of commands can be executed all at once or by sequential presses of the foot pedal. The FTT-200 comes with the programming utility built in. No software to download. Far superior to consumer grade foot devices this is built to take on a daily production work load. Save employee time and labor with repetitive keystrokes.

Examples of use:
• Tab through forms
• Printing of forms
• Medical imaging applications
• Industrial control applications
• Hands free options for the disabled
• Hotkeys to match software applications
• Lock or unlock workstations
• Execute macros
• Push to talk (PTT) for VoIP software
• The user has full control of keystroke choices
• Easily user programmable
• Rugged device built for heavy use applications
• No external software
• No I.T. delays with software approval
• Multiple footpedal use for single workstation
(Except Windows™ XP)
• Help avoid repetitive motion injuries

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